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Hope Center

Please, make room on your bookself, for the Adventure of Best, the Water Buffalo. Finally, the books are here on the island of Okinawa, Japan on December 17th. Happy to share with you that I will be at the Kadena USO Book Tour and I will continue to sell Cambodia products as part of PG gallery to raise money for the construction of the HOPE Village Center in Takeo, Cambodia. Please, come one and all to join in the Adventure of Best, the Water Buffalo. You and your children will enjoy the journey together to the mysterious and exotic land of Angkor. Hope to see you and meet you at the Kadena USO on Wednesday, December 23, 2010 from 10AM to 5PM and the 24th of December from 10AM to 5PM. Happy Holidays!!!



Fundraising for the Takeo Life Hope Senior Center: Currently, I am working on  developing a cooking class, art and jewlry sales, and Meet the Author book sales on Okinawa. In addition, I am working on getting some sponsors for the book signing events  with the local businesses. My gibblets, Spencer and Wilfred are collecting coins to help get the senior center build.